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TextConverter: Replacing, Deleting, Inserting and Formating of Text or Lines in many Text Files at the same time as well as Splitting and Joining of Files. [more..]

ImageConverter: Resize Images, cut Images to Size, add Watermarks or Pictures, change File Formats and Color Values and more of many Images at the same time. [more..]

Filelist Creator: Create Lists of your local Files including all Information about the Files you want and save the List as Text File, Image or HTML Document. [more..]

Image Resizer: With this tool you can shrink or enlarge a great number of images simultaneously - according to pixels, desired file size or percentage. [more..]

Text Images: This tool makes it possible to create lots of images with texts quickly and easily. For example for the headers of your website. [more..]

Index Author: HTML Index for your homepage, Text Index as a directory in your book, File Index to sort files around your computer and many more possibilities. [more..]

Pipette: Pick up colors from your screen, change and modify them, convert them in many color models like CMYK, RGB, XYZ and so on and learn more about the topic colors. [more..]

Print My Fonts: Many fonts on the computer create a great confusion. With this tool, you are able to win your overview back very easily by creating lists. [more..]

Clipboard Saver: With the help of this tool you can easily change, manage, edit and save the text and image contents of your clipboard automatically. [more..]

File Renamer: Rename lots of your files at once: Number your files, find and replace strings in your files, add characters to file names or use individual masks for renaming. [more..]

WordCreator: The WordCreator generates readable words, sentences or whole texts from syllables and letters weighted with probabilities and can count Syllables and Characters. [more..]

Sudoku: Play Sudoku at your computer with Symbols, Characters or Numbers, print them, compared yourself with other players in the Highscore and much more. [more..]

Unit Converter: With the Unit Converter you can convert over 4500 units from 33 categories and you can also define arbitrary custom units to work with them. [more..]

AnswerCoach: Study like a professional. Practise the knowing for your next examination with the AnswerCoach until you know all your questions in detail. [more..]

Easy MP3 Player: A tool for music enthusiasts, very tall music collections and people which do not care about superfluos functions and want to create lists of their music files. [more..]

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