Individual Software Solutions

Customization of existing Software

Any software we offer, we can customize according to your own wishes, ideas and needs. An adjustment may be, for example, a change in the arrangement of the functions, a modification of the design, an adding of additional features or functions or an import filter for your own files, which are build in a particular form - the possibilities are nearly unlimited! So, the following examples only represent a few of many possibilities.

We personalize your Software

There are many options to personalize our software solutions. Maybe, you want to copy your own logo on the pictures with the Image Converter automatically or you want certain features to be removed or added. Another possibility is, for example, to get a personal dedication or something else built into the software.

We make your Software fit to your Data

Maybe, you have some data that you want to have imported to the software. For example, it would be possible to import some files into the Text Converter to combine information from that files with other files. Depending on the structure of your files, you need a fitting interface in order to be able to import the data correctly. This interface, we will create for you.

We modify the Design of your Software

One of the boxes in the software is too small for your needs  and another one should use another font? You may also want a button to appear at another position, you like other colors or you want to insert pictures into the software? All of this and many other things we can do for you.

We put your Ideas into Practice

Gladly, we realize one of the examples mentioned above or we adapt the software in a different way to suit your needs. If you have questions or if you want some more information, you can simply use our contact form. We will then get in touch with you.