With the Text Converter, you can edit multiple text files in nearly all ways that are imaginable without opening each file individually. There are scopes of application for nearly all computer users working with text files. If you want to replace some texts in several files, if some test passages should be deleted, if some lines should be edited, if files should be joined or splited or converted into another format, you can always use the Text Converter.

It is conceivable, for example, that a website owner or web designer wants to write the same header at the top of many text files or would like to replace an old note with a new one. Another example could be a writer or a programmer that require similar tasks.

Edit many Text Files at once

It is rather cumbersome in such a case, to open all files that should be modified individually in order to change them by hand. Even by using the "Find and Replace" function of traditional programs, we come quickly to its limits. Not many programs support, for example, replacing text across multiple lines, or many replacements simultaneously and even in more than one files. Also functions like the usage of regular expressions, inserting constants like file name or file size, line numbers or sorting lines can not be found in any editor - but in the TextConverter.

Search and Replace, Insert Text, Edit Lines and more

That and much more can be done with the Text Converter, that can be downloaded on this page. Besides the function "Find and Replace", there are for example functions to delete lines or text passages, functions to insert text at user-defined positions (for example at the beginning or the end of a file or at a line), but also functions for changing case (uppercase and lowercase writing), inserting line numbers, sorting text or changing special characters in your HTML coding (Named Entities). Alone this function can be very helpful for web developers.

Join or Split Files

Furthermore it is possible to hang an arbitrary number of text files on each other to save them as a single file. But also the opposite way can be gone using another function. So it is possible to divide files at a special text (or a regular expression) in order to save them as several new files.

Regular Expressions and Transcriptions

At all positions where it is useful, the Text Converter also supports regular expressions, so that there are lots of other possibilities to use this software. Parts of texts can be converted, HTML can be parsed, you can search with regular expressions for special formatting to delete this part, change the format or replace the part with another text. For example, you can search, delete or transform dates, HTML code or other formats. Also searching text files with regular expressions is possible.

Also transcriptions, that means the transforming of texts from one writing system to another one, can uncomplicated be executed with the Text Converter rapidly. Behind numerous supported writing systems (predefined rules of transcription) such as Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Cyrillic, Georgic, Japanese (Hiragana and Katakana), Hindi and Thai, you can also apply and save your own transcriptions or transliterations. So you can use the Text Converter to immediately convert a text with - for example - Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic or Japanese characters into a text with Latin letters (or vice versa).

Unicode Formats and Line Breaks

Another highlight of the Text Converter is the full support of Unicode, with which it is possible to take full advantage of a variety of other functions. For example, it is possible to edit, insert and replace also Chinese, Cyrillic and Greek letters or other special Unicode characters as usual or perform another Unicode task. Even the presence of Unicode characters in the file name is no problem and the Text Converter can also be used to convert text from one Unicode format to another (for example from or to UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32 or another Unicode Transformation Format or ANSI).

The TextConverter can also work with line breaks from different systems, so that you can use line actions without problems. The application detects the character used for a new line in the files automatically and it is possible to change the line break character, what makes files from other systems readable on your operating system.

On The Fly Conversion

Beyond working on text files, now also the On The Fly Conversion is available. This function allows you to use the complete functionality of the TextConverter without opening a file. Simply copy the text to the converter, press CTRL+D and your text is converted.


Download the TextConverter for free in the download area for Windows and learn in the first steps how you can benefit from this application. Additionally, we are collecting frequently asked question about the TextConverter on the FAQ page for you. The TextConverter is portable, you can use the program directly without an installation.


You want to first see what the TextConverter looks like? On the screenshot page we have compiled some screenshots of the TextConverter for you.