If you want to write a text very quickly, you have several options: for example, you can learn to use the keys on your keyboard very quickly with 10 fingers. Of course, you have a clear advantage with repetitive texts or when using simple text modules. In that case you can just work with copy and paste.

However, only the fewest text can be prolonged reliably by copy and paste alone. What would such a text be used for and who should read this text in its full length at all? So there is only the ten finger system left - if there was not the SlippyClerk! Often, there are situations with sequences of numbers or letters connected with recurring elements. An example would be the sequence 2, 4, 6, 8 to 1278. Here the copy and paste function fails, though this series follows a clear system.

This is exactly the task of the SlippyClerk. In the high-speed typist SlippyClerk, you can specify exactly which number sequences or letter sequences are to be written combined with which text elements. You can define exactly where a sequence should begin or stop, with which interval the sequence should count up or down, and if, for example, decimals or paddings of the individual elements are required. It does not matter if it's just a simple episode or more complicated sequences. It does not matter if you only want to count from 1 to 1,000,000, or if you want to combine both an ascending and a descending sequence in opposite directions within a single line.

Of course, the Slippy Clerk is fully compatible to Unicode, so that you can use arbitrary Unicode characters and any special character in your sequences. Even when you copy the results to the clipboard, Unicode is fully supported.


Download SlippyClerk for free in the download area for Windows, Linux or macOS and learn in the first steps how you can benefit from this application. Additionally, we are collecting frequently asked question about SlippyClerk on the FAQ page for you. SlippyClerk is portable, you can use the program directly without an installation.


You want to first see what SlippyClerk looks like? On the screenshot page we have compiled some screenshots of SlippyClerk for you.