Slippy Clerk


If you want to have written a text very fast, you surely have several possibilities: For example you can learn to operate the buttons of your keyboard very fast with 10 fingers. Of course it is an advantage writing texts which have recurring elements. In this case you can simply use Copy and Paste. If you cannot write really very fast, you are faster with that than by use of the 10 finger system.

But, however, only the fewest text can be prolonged by Copy and Paste alone. So what would such a text be used for and who should read this text? So there is only the ten finger system left, if there was not the SlippyClerk. Often, there are situations with sequences of numbers connected with recurring elements. An example would be the consequence 2, 4, 5, 8 to 1278. Here Copy and Paste deny although this row follows a clear system.

Exactly this is the task of the SlippyClerk. You can exactly define your number sequencies (ascending, descending, distance, beginning and end) should be composed with which text elements. Identical, whether it is a simple consequenc or a more complicated consequenc, for example if in a line both an ascending consequence and a descending one have to happen contrary to each other.

Of course, the Slippy Clerk is fully Unicode enabled, so that you can use in your ranks arbitrary Unicode characters and any special character. Even when you copy the results to the clipboard, Unicode is fully supported.

Currently, SlippyClerk can be downloaded for Windows and it is portable, so that you can use this tool even without an installation.

German Version

The German Version of the Slippy Clerk you can find under the name Schnellschreiber on