File Renamer


Renaming files or folders can be very cumbersome, especially if you want to rename a high number of files. But it is not necessary to click on every single file individually, make some changes just to take the same procedure at the next file! The reason is, you know about the FileRenamer!

This tool available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux is exactly specialized in this task. You only have to add all files or folders that should be renamed to the list in the application, specify the changes and click on "Apply Changes" in order to give the files or folders a new name.

There are many options and settings available for the renaming that can easily be activated or deactivated in the program. For example, you can search and replace in filenames, texts can be deleted from or inserted into filenames, special character groups can be deleted or replaced, text can be appended at the beginning or the end of the name, you can cut an arbitrary number of characters from the front or the back of the name, you can truncate the file name to a specific length, the writing (lowercase, uppercase etc) can be changed automatically, files can be numbered, a mask for the files can be applied and many more. Most settings can be applied for the name and the extension of the file individually.

In all text input fields, next to usual text, also some placeholders can be used. There are placeholders, for example, for the old filename, the file extension, the folders, the current date or time, the file dates, or the number of the file in the list. Furthermore, the search and replace function as well as the delete function can also be used with regular expressions making the work much more flexible at this point.

Apart from that, the FileRenamer is also providing some functions to change the attributes of files and folders. So, for example, it is possible to modify the file attribute "hidden" or "read-only" or to set the date of a file or folder ("modified", "created" or "last accessed").

It is important that this tool only renames files and folders or changes their attributes, but changes nothing at the file content. Even the overwriting of a file is prevented, because the name can only be changed if there is no other file with the same name in the corresponding folder.

Of course, the File Renamer is fully compatible with Unicode. This means that both files and folders can contain any Unicode character and you can replace or insert Unidoce in the file names.


You can download the tool for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux on our download page. The FileRenamer is portable and can therefor be used directly and without an installation.

German Description

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