The TextEncoder

If you want to change the encoding or the type of line break of many text files, you can either open, edit and save all the files individually with the new encoding. Or you can use the TextEncoder.

Change Encoding and Line Break Type

On the one hand, the TextEncoder is specialized in changing the encoding of a file: the program reads and writes the formats ASCII, ANSI, Latin-1 (ISO 8859-1), Latin-2 (ISO 8859-2), Win-1250 (Central European), Win-1251 (Cyrillic), Win-1252 (Western European), Win-1253 (Greek), CP437, UTF-7, UTF-8, UTF-16 Big Endian, UTF-16 Little Endian, UTF-32 Big Endian and UTF-32 Little Endian. Each of those formats can be arbitrarily converted to any other of the formats. You can specify whether a Byte Order Mark should be written to the file or not. So, you can for example also use the Text Encoder to erase the Byte Order Mark from all the files of your website at once, without having to open each file one after each other.

On ther other hand, the TextEncoder can also change the type of the line break used. Supported are the line breaks CRLF (Windows, DOS, OS/2, CP/M, TOS), LF (Unix, Linux, macOS, Mac OS X, AmigaOS), CR (Classic Mac OS, Apple II, Commodore) and NL (AIX OS, IBM Mainframe Systems, OS/390) as well as the various Unicode characters for line breaks FF, NEL, LS, PS, VT and TAB. In addition, any custom character or string can also be used as a line break for reading or writing. These custom characters can be defined optionally directly as text or in the form of their code points. When reading files, it is also possible to break lines on a list of multiple different line break characters. With this, files that contain mixed line break types can be repaired, for example. Furthermore, it is possible to define line breaks via a fixed line length. In this case, a line break after a fixed number of characters is realized and can be converted to any other arbitrary character.

An overview of all supported formats can be found here.

Graphical User Interface or Control via Script

We offer two versions of the Text Encoder: one version, which can only be operated with a graphical user interface, and the Batch Text Encoder with extended functionality for remote control of the program. Both programs are portable and can be used without installation.

With the graphical user interface, you can simply drag and drop all the files you want to edit into the program, select the desired encoding and / or line break, click "Convert", and you have changed your files.

The same functions are also offered by the Batch Text Encoder. However, the Batch Text Encoder can additionally be remotely controlled via a batch script, thus automated even more, and with all the possibilities that the graphical user interface also offers. Learn more on the page Batch Text Encoder, where we introduce the individual commands.

Tip: With our product Text Converter you can do everything you can also do with the Text Encoder. In addition, the Text Converter offers many other functions to edit many text files simultaneously in many ways, such as searching and replacing, editing of lines, editing of CSV data and of XML data or splitting files and joining files.


Download the TextEncoder for free in the download area for Windows and learn in the first steps how you can benefit from this application. Additionally, we are collecting frequently asked question about the TextEncoder on the FAQ page for you. The TextEncoder is portable, you can use the program directly without an installation.


You want to first see what the TextEncoder looks like? On the screenshot page we have compiled some screenshots of the TextEncoder for you.