Text Encoder


If you only want to change the encoding of some text files or if you only would like to remove the Byte Order Mark (BOM) from a number of files, our software Text Converter might be a little bit oversized with all of its functions and possibilities.

This is the reason why we have developed the tool Text Encoder. This tool is specialized in changing the encoding of a file: the program reads and writes the formats ANSIUTF-7UTF-8UTF-16 Big Endian, UTF-16 Little Endian, UTF-32 Big Endian and UTF-32 Little Endian. Each of this formats can be converted in any other of the formats like you want. Additionally, you can specify whether a Byte Order Mark should be written in the file or not. So, for example, you can use the program to delete the Byte Order Mark from all files of your homepage at once without opening each file individually.

We are providing two versions of the Text Encoder: the normal Text Encoder with graphical user interface and the Batch Text Encoder with an extended functionality to remote control the application. Both versions are portable and can also be used without installation.

When using the normal Text Encoder with graphical user interface, you can easily drag all files you would like to convert onto the program, choose the encoding, click on "Encode" and you have changed the encoding of the files.

Also the Batch Text Encoder comes with the same possibilites. However, in addition to the drag, drop and convert functionality, it is also possible to use a batch script to remote control the Text Encoder. This makes it possible to automate the process with all possibilities and features known from the GUI version. More about this, you can learn on the page Batch Text Encoder, where we are introducing all commands you need.

With our product Text Converter, you can do all things, you can also do with the Text Encoder - but even more: Additionally, beyond changing the encoding, the Text Converter is offering lots of possibilities and functions to edit a number of files in many ways at the same time.

German Version

The German Version of the TextEncoder can be found on sttmedia.de/textencoder.