The program TextImages exports any text as image. That can be longer texts, but also only individual words, headings or characters.

For example, whenever a text is to be displayed in a particular font and this font is not likely to be available on the target system, it may be a solution to include a picture instead of the text. For example, on a web page where you do not want to include a WebFont for a text written in a special font and you also do not assume that the font in question is installed on the computer of the viewer. Or in an overview that compares different fonts or characters. Without incorporating the text as an image, the text would in such cases be displayed in any available font and would no longer be under the control of the designer.

On an image, on the other hand, the designer can specify exactly how the text should look like and the appearance will be the same on all devices. With the right spacing, the right size, the right format and of course the right font. However, creating these pictures costs a lot of work. You have to open a graphics program, select the appropriate formatting, align the text, design it and finally save it. Imagine this work for a great number of texts for a large project!

Luckily our program Text Images can do all the work for you. You can use this program to create individual images with text or to process an entire list of texts at once. Of course, also with any Unicode characters. The font, design, format, colors, fonts, margins and spacing, as well as the storage format and an automatically generated filename, can be set exactly as you want it to be and the rest of the work will simply be done by Text Images for you. So all your pictures and texts will have an identical format and you can save valuable time.


Download TextImages for free in the download area for Windows and learn in the first steps how you can benefit from this application. Additionally, we are collecting frequently asked question about TextImages on the FAQ page for you. TextImages is portable, you can use the program directly without an installation.


You want to first see what TextImages looks like? On the screenshot page we have compiled some screenshots of TextImages for you.