On this page you can see several screenshots of TextImages. The four images show the areas text, font and format, margins and spacing as well as the memory settings of the program.


On the top of the main window, you can find a preview of the current image and on the bottom, there is a box in which you can write the text, that should be written on the image.

TextImages - Text - Screenshot

If you want to create multiple images, select the appropriate option under the box to save each line as single image.

Font and Format

The next tab can be used to adjust the font and the format. You can see this area on the next screenshot.

TextImages - Font and Format - Screenshot

On the left side, you can set the font size, the style and the colors. On the right, you can select a font.

Margins and Spacing

On the next tab, you can adjust all settings for the image size and the spaces used on the image. On the left, you can see the possibility of adapting the image size to the text size or to use always the same image size.

TextImages - Margins and Spacing - Screenshot

On the right, you can specify which distances should be used on all sides and between the lines. The line spacing is set negative, so that the lines move even closer together.


Finally, on the last tab, you can specify how and where the images should be saved. You can select the folder, the file name and your desired file format.

TextImages - Save - Screenshot

In the screenshot, the option to create a file name automatically, is selected. In the options for file names, you can specify how the automatic naming should be done. More information about that can be read on the page where all functions are explained.


The screenshots were created with the Clipboard Saver. With this tool, you can automatically save screenshots in any format and you can also simultaneously scale or otherwise edit the graphic according to your wishes.