We are providing several freeware and pro software applications as well as individual software solutions according to your personal needs and desires. Just take a look around. If you should have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact us. We will gladly care about your requests.


Our Freeware Software

TextConverter TextConverter: Replacing, deleting, inserting and formating of text or lines in many files at the same time. More..
FilelistCreator Filelist Creator: Create file lists including all information you want as text, image or HTML document. More..
ImageResizer Image Resizer: Resize and change lots of images at the same time easily and quickly. More..
FasterFiles Faster Files: Define system-wide keyboard shortcuts for arbitrary actions and action lists. More..
FileRenamer File Renamer: Rename multiple files and folders according to your rules and desires at once. More..
Pipette Pipette: Pick up colors from your screen, change and work with them in many models and learn all about colors. More..
PrintMyFonts Print My Fonts: With this tool, you can win the overview over all of your fonts on your computer back. More..
ImageConverter ImageConverter: Change lots of images at ones (color, size, watermarks, blur, file format and more). More..
IndexAuthor Index Author: Creates keyword and file indexes as text or HTML from your documents automatically. More..
TextImages Text Images: Write text on images, for example for the headlines of your homepage. More..
WordCreator WordCreator: Creates readable words, sentences or texts from syllables and letters weighted with probabilities. More..
ClipboardSaver Clipboard Saver: Change and save texts and images in your clipboard automatically. More..
Answercoach AnswerCoach: Study like a professional. Practise for your next examination with the AnswerCoach. More..
Sudoku Sudoku: Play Sudoku at your computer, print them, compare yourself with other players in the Highscore. More..
UnitConverter Unit Converter: Convert and calculate with values from over 4500 units of 33 categories. More..
Slippyclerk Slippy Clerk: This tool guarantees fast, productively and precisely working. Start a new dimension of writing. More..
MP3Player Easy MP3 Player: A tool for music enthusiasts, tall collections and people really liking music. More..

A detailed overview over all of these applications, you get here.

Individual Solutions

Behind our freeware software products you can see on the left, we are also offering individual software solutions according to your personal needs and your specific wishes and desires.

Such a solution can either be an adjustment of an existing application or a complete new software for you. Both desktop tools or software and browser based online applications for the Internet are possible. We can also help you to find the right solution for your specific problem.

Read more about this topic in our portal for individual solutions.

Thank you for your support

Without your help, it would not be possible to provide such a range of freeware software.

So, in this place we would like to thank particularly the ones, who have supported this page with their donation. These people have made it possible to provide such a big number of free software applications and to finance the care and costs of this page, the improvement of existing programs and the development of new software. Read more..