You know it. The next examination queues and there are a lot of things which up till now only can be found on the papers. However, they should be in your head! You have already often run through the points, but you notice that it is rather the order of the points than the content, you remember. You do not read the questions any more, because you know the answers.

If in this case you do not want to ask your friends and acquaintances again, only one helps: The AskingCoach from Stefan Trost!

Prepare your Question List and start the tool! The AskingCoach presents the questions by chance as long as you can answer them. After every question you can decide if this question can be answered correctly or if the AskingCoach should ask it once again. But look for yourself! Download this tool and start studying effectively!

Of course, the AnswerCoach also supports Unicode, so that all Unicode Characters are possible in the questionnaires. This results in a number of other possibilities to use this tool. For example, you can ask for Greek letters, mathematical symbols or you can use other symbols and characters in your questions.


You can get AnswerCoach for free in the download area for Windows. The tool is portable and can be used directly without an installation.