• Simple operation: With only two mouse clicks, you can start your first question session. Nevertheless there are many other self explaining justifications available.
  • Quickstart: If you like it, the program can remember your last Questionnaire. Then you can go on with your questions only by starting the AnswerCoach for the next time.
  • Solve, Right, Wrong, Clock: Decide what will happen to the questions, which one shall be asked again or which one you already know.
  • Editor: No desire, to prepare your Questionnaires? No Problem! The Editor, coming with the AnswerCoach, prepares your questions for using in the AnswerCoach automatically.
  • Unicode Support: In the lists of questions, you can use any Unicode character, so that to the use of the traditional AnswerCoach a variety of scopes is added. For example, you can add special characters like Greek letters, mathematical symbols or something similar to your questionnaires and ask for more than normal text can contain.
  • Example Question Lists: Both, in the program as well as on this page, there are sample questionnaires, which you can use in the AnswerCoach. You can find the lists of questions in the category questionnaires. If you like, you can send us other questionnaires, so that other people can benefit from them. We will publish them in this area, too.
  • Statistics: How good am I? This tells you the Statistics which exactly watches your performance.
  • Preferences: You do not like to study in black and white? Simply adjust font and background color for more ideas.
  • Freeware: This tool is completely free for you, you are able to use it unreserved and pass it on.
  • No installation (portable Software): The program works without installation. This spares your Registry and you can immediately use it.