In this section you will find a complete list of all functions of the AnswerCoach. This list is arranged according to the appearance of the functions in the software. If you want to read an introduction to the program, you should start with the help category.

Main Window

In the main window there is a tab with which you can reach the different functions of the program by opening the respective page, such as the AnswerCoach, the statistics, the questionnaire or the introduction tab. At the bottom of the main window, you can see a bar with additional status information. Here you can receive some information about the progress of your question session. In the following, all the riders of the tab are presented. By using the menu "Windows", you can display and hide all of them.

Main Window: AnswerCoach

In this rider, the question sessions are carried out. The rider contains three boxes. At the top, there is the box "Question", where the current question is presented Below in the box "Answer", you can type anything you want to organize your thoughts. Whether you want to mark the question as solved or unsolved do not depend on your answer typed in this box. In the box "Solution", the solution of the answer is displayed after clicking on "Solve".

  • Solve: Resolves the current question. The answer appears in the solution box.
  • Correct: Marks the current question as solved, so that the question will not be asked again in this session.
  • Clock: Resets the current question so that you will be asked again this question. With this button, the question is not marked as correct or incorrect.
  • Wrong: Marks the current question as wrong. The question will then be asked again.

Main Window: Statistics

In the rider statistics, there is a box in which you can see the status of your question session. You can see the question list currently loaded, you can see the time of starting and ending the list and with which result the list was completed. So, here you get the information about your learning progress and whether you get better or faster during answering.

Main Window: Questionnaire

This page contains the lists of questions that is currently loaded. Moreover, it shows which issues have been resolved and which are not yet solves. Above you can see the name of the list, that is loaded. In the left column, all questions are marked with 0 or X. Questions marked with an X have already been solved and questions that has not been solved yet are marked with 0. In addition, in the right box all questions are displayed. It is asked for the part that is surrounded with underscores (_). In the editor (next section), you can create own question lists easily.

  • Load List: Loads a new list of questions. You can simply select any list from your computer (text files). Alternatively, you can also create a list in the editor for yourself and start the list from there.
  • New Session: Starts a question session with the currently loaded questions. The questions are then presented in a random order in the rider AnswerCoach after you have marked all questions as solved.

Main Window: Editor

With the editor for lists of questions you can create your own questionnaires for the AnswerCoach. You can receive the editor via the menu "Windows > Editor". The editor creates question lists from sentences in the form "Question - Answer" or "Element - Element". The first, the last or both parts can be used as the question as well as the answer. Of course, it is also possible to ask in both directions.

  • Input: In this field, you have to write the sentences to be worked on. These sentences must contain a hyphen (-), that seperates the two elements (question and answer).
  • Load Input: Use this button to load a file from your computer to the input field.
  • Delete Input: Deletes the contents of the input field.
  • Output: When you create a list from the input, in this box the final list according to your specifications will be displayed. The answer, which is asked for, will be bordered by an underscore (_). This list can then be used as a questionnaire in the AnswerCoach.
  • Save Output: Saves the contents of the output field, to load it later to the AnswerCoach or to publish in the category of sample lists on this website.
  • Delete Output: Clears the contents of the output field to make room for new lists.
  • Output > AnswerCoach: When you click on this button, the current list of questions in the output will be loaded in the AnswerCoach, so that you can immediately start with a question session on these questions.
  • Ask for the Part before the Hyphen: If this option is selected, the content before the hyphen is marked as the answer.
  • Ask for the Part after the hyphen: If this option is selected, it will be asked for the part after the hyphen, that means this part is framed by underscores. Of course, you can also enabled both options simultaneously to ask for both parts - the part before and the part after the hyphen.
  • Create List: If the input field is filled with sentences and if you have selected whether you want to ask for the first or the last part, you can use this button to create your question list. The final list will appear in the output. When you click on "AnswerCoach" in the output box, the list is loaded and you can immediately start learning this list.
  • Close Editor: Closes the rider with the editor.

Main Window: Other Riders

The other riders are information sites, like, for example, the introduction page or the page with the license. You can use the menu item "Windows" to show and hide these riders.


  • File > New Question Session: This starts a new round of questions with the questions currently loaded in the "Questionnaire". With clicking this item, the statistic is reseted and the first question is shown in the rider "AnswerCoach".
  • File > Editor for Questionnaires: This starts the editor for question lists, where you can create your own lists of questions. The editor will be displayed on a new rider of the tab in the main window.
  • File > Close: Exits the AnswerCoach. When closing, you can choose whether the last question list should be saved or nit. If you want the list to be saved, the path of the list is stored, so that the list can be openend automatically when you open the AnswerCoach for the next time.
  • Windows: In this menu you can specify which riders of the tab should be displayed. You can show and hide the pages AnswerCoach, Statistics, Questionnaire, Editor for Questionnaires and some tabs with information regarding the introduction, the licence or further things.
  • Settings > Set Font: To change the font in which the questions are presented. If you use Unicode characters in your questions, it may be necessary to change the standard font, if it does not contain the needed characters. More on this issue can be found on the topic Unicode fonts.
  • Settings > Set Background Color: Changes the background color of the presentation of the colors. This setting allows you to carry on personal aesthetic reasons.
  • Settings > Language: Changes the language of the program.
  • Other Software: In this menu you will find some recommendations in respect of other freeware software that you might be interested in. You can either go directly to the respective website or to an off-line overview.
  • Help & Info: In this area you will receive information on the software and other issues like the licence or the manufacturer.