Image Converter


This application was created out of convenience: After a vacation, lots of photos taken with a digital camera, should be sent by mail to some friends and acquaintances. But there was a problem: The photos of the digital camera were much too large to send them in this way, so the pictures had to be reduced bit by bit.

To accomplish this task, you need either a lot of time and a paint program or you need the idea to create an image converter, which can change the size of many images at once, with just one click. The advantage lies not only in the saving of time if you do not have to open, change and save each image individually - many people do not have a professional graphics program for doing this.

Due to the positive response to this software, it has been expanded over time more and more: now it supports lots of formats and next to the image size you can change for example the color, the contrast and the brightness, images can be rotated or inverted, it is possible to crop pictures or you dan draw a frame around them or add a watermark to the original image. Futhermore, it is possible to sharpen and blur images or to write an arbitrary text (also Unicode) at an arbitrary position on images. All these functions can be applied simultaneously to any number of images and the program has not lost the simplicity of the early days yet.

To access directly and quickly to a setting, there are some image filters like black and white or sepia available under the topic profiles. Furthermore, it is possible to create personal filters or profiles with the Image Converter, so that it is possible to load frequently used editing settings very fast.

Download the program in the download area for Windows and learn in the tutorials and help sections how you can benefit from this application. The application is portable and can be used directly without an installation.

German Version

The German Version of the Image Converter you can find under the name Bild Konverter on the page