Do you already know the game Sudoku? It is the short form for the Japanese sentence "Suji wa dokushin ni kagiru", what can be translated as "all numbers have to happen exactly once". It is a logic puzzle which resembles the magical squares.

The first known Sudoku-like game was developed by the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler under the name "Latin Square" in the 18th century. After that there where further variants again and again, but very popular it became in Japan within the 1980s. Meanwhile it enjoys worldwide popularity.

Stefan Trost Sudoku

Enough preface. Have you got the desire to play Sudoku? Then you can download the Stefan Trost Sudoku from this page under the topic download. This programme is able to generate all possible Sudokus by chance.


Why should I use the Stefan Trost Sudoku? Of course you can quite play the simply Sudoku game with this programme. You can play Sudoku at your computer or you can print the fields, to do it by hand.

But there are some unusual features, however: Perhaps you have already discovered the Highscore on this page. If you have reached enough points, you get a code at the end of the game which encodes your score. Enter this code into the table and compete with other players! In addition the Stefan Trost Sudoku also offers some other features opposite to normal Sudokus. Learn more on under rules.

Service for Print Media

Behind the software download, we offer a special service to suppliers of print media who want to include a Sudoku in their medium. From the right font to the solution we care about all variables of your Sudoku, so that you only need to insert it in your layout. Learn more on


You can download the application for free in the download area for Windows. The tool is portable and can be used directly without an installation.