Sudoku Rules

Perhaps you already know the Sudoku rules? Then you can start playing now. But nevertheless there are still some specific rules in the Stefan Trost Sudoku, according to which you can play in addition to the normal well-known rules.

General Rules

The Sudoku is a game played in nine times nine small fields. The numbers between 1 and 9 can be written down in every field, some numbers are already provided.

The aim of the game is to accomplish two goals: First a single number should only be used one time in every line and every column. In addition the field is divided into 9 big boxes depending on 9 small fields. Also in this boxes a single number may happen only once. The boxes are indicated by thick lines.

Specific rules in the STT Sudoku

Of course in the Stefan Trost Sudoku you can play according to the known rules. But you can also play with some features:

You can play on a field which does not habe nine times nine small fields. In this case the maximum value of the possible numbers is restricted by the game section length. For expample, if you play a 7 x 7 Sudoku, you can put the number from 1 to 7 into the fields. This variant is called "free" in the game and can be chosen if you do not like to play a complete Sudoku or you want to practise a little bit.

Another variant uses symbols instead of numbers. The rules are identical here. Every line and every column may not have more than one single symbol.

I wish a lot of fun with the game! If you have some ideas of further variants, let me know!