Print Media

For many readers a page with a Sudoku Game belongs to a modern magazine. If you are thinking about taking a Sudoku into your magazine, newspaper, online mag or your other medium or you are looking for a corresponding supplier for this, we are the right contact person for you.

We deliver everything you need from one source. On the one hand we create your Sudoku according to your guidelines in difficulty, format and other points and on the other hand we take care that the puzzles come into your own and fit correctly in your magazine. For example this can be individual fonts, sizes, solutions and much room for further ideas. We like to deliver the Sudoku in your format (for example as TIFF, PNG, BMP, JPEG, PDF, printed or as an online document) so that you only need to insert the puzzle and that there is no further unnecessary work for you.

Simply speak to us and ask your questions. To contact us, you can use the form in the support area. We are looking forward to an excellent cooperation!