On this page you can see four screenshots of the program Stefan Trost Sudoku. The first screenshot shows the software in the print mode, the others in the computer playing mode. This mode can be changed by using the register on the left top. The settings are respectively identical: First you can choose under "Game", how you want to play. You can either play on a classical 9 x 9 field or you can adjust another size.

Print Mode

In the print mode you can specify under "Game", which size your field shall have. After that you can choose how many games shall be printed on a single page. By clicking "Prepare", the corresponding games are created.

Sudoku Screenshot

If you are satisfied with the generated games, you can simply click on "Print" to print your fields. Of course you also can generate new ones if you would like to do this.

Letter Sudoku

At the computer there are some further possibilities to play Sudoku. One of this is the game with letters. For this you can choose the option "User-Defined" under "Game". Here you have some other possibilities for specification. For example you can adjust freely, how many elements are entered, how big the size of your field is and what kind of elements you would like to use. For example letters.

Sudoku Screenshot

Then you can start your game with "Start Game". In addition in the box on the right down, there are displayed information about which actions are just permitted.

Sudoku with Symbols

Behind the game with letters you can for example also play Sudoku with symbols. This screenshot shows the game situation of a field with symbols, which has the size of 7 x 7 and 23 entered elements.

Sudoku Screenshot

In the status bar below you are always informed about your current score. The longer you need for a game, more points are removed. Perhaps you make it even into the Sudoku Highscore.

Sudoku with Blue Numbers

Of course, it is also possible to play at the computer with normal numbers. In the screenshot, the option for beginners is selected. This option can be used for example if youz would like to practise a little bit or you do not have enough time for a long game. By the way, the rules for the small fields are, that every number have to happen only one time in every line.

Sudoku Screenshot


You can enlarge the screenshots by clicking on the pictures. Then a pop up window opens with a high resolution image.

The screenshots have been created with the Clipboard Saver. With this tool you can automatically save screenshots in an arbitrary format and you can concurrently scale the images to your desired size.