In this list, you can find all of the functions of the game Sudoku. The functions are ordered by their occurence in the Sudoku game. If you want to read an introduction to the software, pleaser refer to the help section.

After opening the program, you can see the main window in front of you. On the left you will see the two modes of the program "Play on Computer" or "Print Mode". These modes allow you either to play Sudoku puzzles on your computer, or printing them with your printer. The explanations of these two modes are described below. On the right side of the main program, there are the options, which change depending on the used mode.

Play on the Computer

On the left side, there is the playing field and on the right side, you can define, which game you want to play. The settings can be carried out in the area "Game", where you can choose several different games. The following descriptions regarding the playing field (for example left mouse button on playing field) relate to a running sudoku, which can be startet with "Start Game".

  • Playing Field > Left-Click on Number: In any box, all available elements (usually the nine figures) are written down. With the left mouse button, you can select one of these numbers, which is choosen with this action. If you click on a choosen number again, the number is deactivated and you can select a different number for the corresponding field.
  • Playing Field > Right-Click on Number: If you use the right mouse button, the corresponding figure is hidden. This allows you to memory numbers that are not eligible for a field. Therefore this function can be used as a hint.
  • Information: Here you get some information regarding this application and other software, guidance on licensing and other things.
  • Game > Start Game: Starts the game that is currently selected in the dropdown menu.
  • Game > Dropdown Menu > Free Games: Free Games do not include the rule that in a 9x9 square all numbers have to be used exactly for one time. Therefore, also playing fields like 3x3 or 7x7 are possible, so you can select different sizes and difficulty levels. After your selection of a game, you can start with "Start Game" the corresponding game.
  • Game > Dropdown Menu > Classic Games: The classic games are using a 9x9 box and the rule that in every square, all numbers have to happen. Here too, several difficulties are available, and you start the game with "Start Game".
  • Game > Dropdown Menu > User-Defined: If you select this entry, the menu is expanded and you can freely determine how you want to play. You can choose freely between the independent free game and the classic game, you can determine the field size and the number of solved items and it is your choice whether you want to play with numbers, letters or symbols. If you have entered all settings, you can start the game with "Start Game".

Print Mode

The print mode offers the possibility to print one or more sudoku puzzles on a page to solve them by hand. The settings are almost identical to the settings when playing sudoku on the computer.

  • Game > Dropdown Menu: Like playing on the computer, you can choose here any size of a classic or free game for printing. First, there is the possibility to choose pre-defined games (for example, "Classical Advanced"), where a certain number of items are solved. But you can also indicate how many boxes should already be filled and which size your game should have in the user-defined mode. In print mode, only sudokus with numbers can be prepared, a selection of other variants is possible only in computer mode.
  • Print > Selection: In this selection, you specify how many games are to be printed on one page. Depending on how much space you individually need when solving the Sudoku puzzles and which size your chosen game has, there are other possibilities here. For example, if you select "2 Fields per Page", two of the elected Sudoku puzzles are created and prepared for printing on one side.
  • Print > Prepare: Use this button to start the preparation for printing. The software creates as many fields as should be printed on one page (for example one or two). Then a dialog appears and you can determine whether the generated Sudoku puzzles (that you can see on the left side) will be printed. So you can decide whether you want to print the created Sudoku puzzles or you prefer creating new ones. In this way you can really save paper and print only the Sudoku puzzles that you really want to play.