Index Author


Also at this program, the motto is, that one should quietly leave annoying tasks to the computer. A particularly annoying task is to search a 100 pages book to write an index, a kind of table of contents which contains all relevant keywords.

The Index Author relieves you of exactly this task. In addition there are lots of other functions to adapt this index as you want. For example it is possible to add only words of a certain length, to remove all upper or lower words or define a White List or a Black List, to decide whether a word should be added or not.

Besides this task of making an index from a single file, there are also some further functions. For example you can choose some files at the same time to create a HTML Index or you can write a Keyword Index from another file collection.

Furthermore there are lots of other functions and a special strength of the Index Author is to combine these functions to achieve the best results. Even if you do not habe a suitable file, you can adapt it with a tool from the tool pallet, where are also lots of other tools, making work easier. Simply look at the keywords Functions and Help on this page, to learn more about the Index Author. If you would like to test this Software, you can download the Example Files from the Download section.


You can download the IndexAuthor for free in the download area for Windows. The tool is portable and can be used directly without an installation.