Index Author


  • Simple Operation: The operation of this program is intuitively. By only one mouse click you can create your first index after adding the source files. Nevertheless the are numerous additional functions which can be called and used depending on need.
  • Text Index, Files Index and Keyword Index: Depending on need you can choose one of these three functions. The Text Index creates an Index from one single file, the File Index creates one from some files and the Keyword Index creates a Keyword List from one or more files.
  • What should come into your Index? There are many possibilties to specify the words, which should come into your index. You can remove HTML tags and upper or lower words, set a maximal word length, define a White List and a Black List and combine these functions.
  • White List and Black List: By defining a White List and a Black List you can search for explicite words for your index or you can remove them. Further, there is a tool to add words from your current index to one of these lists, to use them again when starting the Index Author for the next time.
  • Design Settings: It is your choice if you want to have a HTML or a simple text index. Furthermore, you can define your personal design with your own fonts, colors, margins and so on.
  • Add to an existing Index: If you would like to add new entries to an existing index, you can load an index file and write new entries in this index. If you do not have an index file (*.idx) created by the Index Author, you can also use one of the tools to create an index file from a normal text file.
  • Page Numbers: The Index Author is able to read page numbers from your text files automatically and can use them for your index. In addition these numbers can be modified afterwards and you could define some criteria for reading the numbers. If your documents do not contain any page numbers, you can use one of the Index Author tools to write page numbers in your text automatically.
  • Double Reprimands and Coherent Words: You can define, that one word is only written for one time in the index, even if there are more than one of it on a page and you can store that coherent words as "Stefan Trost" are written under Stefan and Trost in your index.
  • Lots of Further Functions: You can copy your index to clipboard automatically, you can save it, load it, add it to another index, show the HTML source or do somnething else with it. You can add files by drag and drop and search a file for other files. So, if you would like to create an index for your HTML page, you only have to add the initial page and the rest is taklen on by the Index Author automatically.
  • Unicode Support: The IndexAuthor is completely compatible with Unicode. So, in your source files, the indices, the files, directories and file names, arbitrary Unicode characters can appear. Even when sorting the index, Unicode characters will be sorted correctly.
  • No bad investment: You can download this Software for free (Freeware) and it nevertheless works absolutely and unlimitedly in the full performance range. In addition, you can pass the Software as often as you would like. You only pay for the Software if you want to pay something and even then you are able to pay as much as you want.
  • No installation: The program works without installation. This spares your Registry and you can immediately use it. Nevertheless it is possible to register the file extension (*.idx) for index files, to open an index by a single mouse click. Of course this registration is not required to run the program and can any time be undone out of the player.