Index Author


Here you can find the complete online help for all functions of the Index Author. In addition there is a short introduction within the program.

The Index Author consists of four large groups of functions. Three groups are for writing an index and the fourth group (tools) serves the administration and is for anything else. This help section follows this division, simply click on one of the categories to learn more about it.

The Text Index

You can use this function, if you want to create an index from a normal text file. For example, you can have a book with several pages numbered with page numbers. If you would like to have an index for the end of this book, you can use the Text Index function. [more..]

The File Index

Under circumstances you have several files for which an index shall be made, for example HTML documents of an internet page. In this case, the File Index is the right choice. It is possible to create a HTML document as an index or you can also save your index as a normal text file. [more..]

The Keyword Index

The Keyword Index goes another way. Here it is all about to create a list of concepts which happen in a document. For example, if you would like to extract terms from HTML documents for a search engine, you can do that with this function. [more..]


This palett of functions makes it possible to modify the source text, if there are no page numbers in it, to manage your lists or to create an index file from a normal text file. [more..]


First you should download the program from the download page. The file is packed into a ZIP archive that you normally should be able to unpack with your computer. If you can not open the file, we recommend the free program 7-Zip which also can handle many other files. You can download this software from the page for free.

After you have unpacked the program, you can already use it. An installation is not required. If you nevertheless would like to make a shortcut for the program, simply click with the right mouse button on the icon and choose "make shortcut". You can move this shortcut to an arbitrary place on your computer.

The software is offered in the languages English and German. You receive the respective version on the pages (German) and (English). However, every single version can be switched over about the menu bar in the respectively other language during the running time and in addition, it is possible to start an arbitrary version in English or in German if there is a file named "de" or "en" (without any ending or contents) in the application folder.

To make dealing with the lists easier, it is possibly to register the file ending *.idx. After that you only need to click on the corresponding file and it is opened in the Index Author. This step, however, is not required to be able to use the program. Any time at runtime you can establish or take back this registration with "Settings" > "Register File Extension".