Help: Keyword Index

The Keyword Index goes another way. Here it is all about to create a list of concepts which happen in a document. For example, if you would like to extract terms from HTML documents for a search engine, you can do that with this function.

Your First Index

Start the program and click on "Keyword Index" on the left side. Than you can download the example files from the download section and copy the file "fileindex.txt" into the window or select this file in the box above. After that, the Index Author takes the remainig work for you. Simply click on "Create Index" and you can see your ready index. Of course there also are also some other possibilities, described in the following.

1. Source

Here you can define the source for your index. Either you can search your computer for a file or you can simply drag one or more files to the list. If the checkbox is activated, the loaded document is searched for other documents automatically, for example for linked documents in a HTML file.

You can see all added files in the list. Under source, there is the path of this file and the column Name contains its name. Link contains the link which will be used in the HTML document.

You can specify some attitudes under the point "Settings". In addition, here it is possible to change the source manually. For example, if you want to change the links for your files.

2. Criteria

Here you can fix the criteria by which your index is made. At first it is possible to remove upper or lower words, HTML tags or words up to a special length in the Exclusion Criteria section.

In the next section Word Lists, you can define a White List or a Black List. Click on the button on the right to specify these lists. All words from the White List are written to the index, even if they would be removed after other criteria. Oppositely if behaves with words from the Black List. These words are removed in any case.

At long last, there are some more settings under the section "Index". Here you can choose that every entry should only happen once in the Index and that coherent words appear under every single word in the index. Under design, you can finally adapt your own index style.

3. Complete

After defining all settings, you reach this point. Here you can see all of your settings again and perhaps you want to go back to change some attitudes. If you are content, simply click on "Create Index".

Create Index

While your index is made, you see this page. Here you can see the status of your index. Depending on the size of your source and your settings, creating costs more or less time.


When your index is finished, you are turned to this page automatically. Here you can see your ready index and you can save it as a text file. In addition, it is possible to copy your index to clipboard.