Index Author


In the following you can see some screenshots of the Index Author. In the first picture you can see the initial page which is shown every time, you start the program. On this page all of the functions are professed briefly and you can click directly on them to reach the corresponding windows.

Index Author Screenshot

If you would like to change the function within the program, there are lots of menu entries for your disposal or you can use the left window bar.

Text Index

The next screenshot is from the function Text Index. After you have chosen your source, you reach this window in which the page numbers can be adjusted. Normally, the Index Author is able to select the page numbers automatically, but nevertheless you can still adjust them individually here. The first number in the list refers to the page name and the second on the corresponding line in the text.

Index Author Screenshot

If you are satisfied with all attitudes, you can click on "Create Index". Then you reach the window, which can be seen in the next picture. This index does not contain particularly many entries because we adjusted to look only for certain words of the white list.

Index Author Screenshot

Normally, you can use the standard settings of the Index Author and create your index immediately after the choice of the source. Nevertheless, it is still possible to carry out lots of modifications. For example you can search for exact words for your index or you can set other names for your page numbers.

File Index

In the following you can see some pictures of the File Index function. In the first window the source is read out. If you would like to, the HTML files can be searched for more documents by following the links.

Index Schreiber Screenshot

After that you can carry out some attitudes, which are used to create your index. For example words could be sorted out after certain criteria or you can adjust your design. Although there are so many possibilities to create your user-defined index, you can also skip these steps, because also the predefined settings already lead to very good results.

Index Author Screenshot

If you click on "Create Index", you reach this window. Here a HTML Index was made with the standard settings. The links behind the entries are connected directly to the accompanying document. This index looks a bit scanty, because it was only looked for a few certain words.

Index Author Screenshot

Of course you can also click directly on "Create Index" after you have chosen a source. Then you reach immediately this window without having a look at the other ones. In the help section, you can learn in detail how this exactly works.


You can modify your index at your own discretion and adapt the design correspondingly. On this screenshot you can see one of the many windows in which you can adjust the HTML design.

Index Author Screenshot


You can enlarge the screenshots by clicking on the pictures. Then a pop up window opens with a high resolution image.

The screenshots have been created with the Clipboard Saver. With this tool you can automatically save screenshots in an arbitrary format and you can concurrently scale the images to your desired size.