Do you sometimes lack of words? Certainly you would answer this question with a "no" with this tool! The WordCreator causes readable words by chance, no matter wheter you need a name for something or you are searching for a good password.

You can change the length of the words and the number of words you want to get. Basis for the creation of the words are frequency tables of almost all languages with Latin alphabet like English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Afrikaans or Ido and some languages with other alphabets like Greek or Russian. The frequency tables for characters and syllables of 33 languages can also be found here on this page in the sections character frequencies and syllable frequencies. Of course, you can also use your own lists containing letters and syllables of your choice, you can remove arbitrary characters and syllables from the lists or you can change and customize the frequencies and probabilities like you want. Apart from the frequencies, you can also determine whether readable words should be created or not. The rules for the readability of words can be adjusted freely - so far that it is even possible to define which letter, character or syllable may follow which other letters, syllables or characters.

Additionally, we have integrated a Counter for letters, characters and syllables into the WordCreator. With this Counter you are able to determine the frequencies of normal letters, whole words, real syllables as well as for combinations of letters (digrams, trigrams etc) for arbitrary texts. How and what is counted, can be adjusted in the settings in detail. So, for example, among other things, it is possible to count only specific characters, to exclude characters from counting, to shrink the results with regular expressions, to count letter positions within words or to combine groups of characters. The created frequency profiles or tables can be either exported in different formats (Text, CSV, HTML) or they can be used as a basis for creating new words and texts.

Of course, the Word Creator and the Counter are supporting Unicode in all of their functions, so that you can easily use any Unicode characters such as Cyrillic letters or symbols in your words and texts.

How to do that in detail, is described in the help-section. But you are also able to get your first words with only one click after starting the tool - just click on "Create".


The WordCreator can be downloaded for free here. There are versions available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The tool is portable so that you can use it directly and without an installation.