• Simple operation: With only one mouse click, you can produce your first words or count your first texts (just click on "Create" or "Count"). Nevertheless there are many other self explaining settings available and you can get more information in the help section on this homepage.
  • Syllables and letters: You can choose freely from which syllables and characters your words should be made. It does not matter whether you define single letters, syllables or even sentences. Even the probability for specific elements can be adjusted like you want.
  • Frequency profiles of syllables and letters: The software provides frequency tables of letters and syllables from many languages such as German, French, English, Dutch, Russian and many more. But of course, you can also weight and use your own personal frequency lists.
  • Counter for letters, characters, syllables, words and character combinations: There are several tools integrated in the WordCreator allowing to count letters, real syllables, whole words and/or character combinations such as digrams, trigrams, quadgrams, quintgrams and hexgrams from arbitrary texts. You can freely adjust which criteria should be used for counting, which characters, letters or special characters should be considered, which should be dropped out, how the result should be sorted or processed and much more. The created frequency tables can immediately be used in the WordCreator in order to create new words from them or they can be exported in different formattings (for example as CSV, XLSX, ODS, DIF or HTML table). You can reach more about this on the page about the Counter.
  • As many as you want: You can determine how many words are made at the same time.
  • As long as you want: Your words can be as long or short as you want. Either you can set an explicit number or the length is chosen randomly.
  • Readable words: You can select, whether you would like to create only words which can be read. Either you can use the predifined rules for that or you can also set your own rules for readability. For example that the letter A only may be followed by the letter B or which charcters or even syllables are allowed to be combined.
  • Output of the words: The words can be written beside each other or under each other, it can be fixed whether a determined sign shall divide the words and a sign for a line jump can be defined. So coincidental line breaks can be produced.
  • Writing of the Words: It is your decision whether the words should be written in the same way they are defined in the syllable list or whether all letters should be written uppercase, lowercase, mixed case or the first letter of a word uppercase.
  • Character-Position: Apart from characters and syllables that are allowed to appear at each position of a word, you can also define characters or syllables that only should be placed at the beginning, at the end or at a specific position within a word. So, for example, you can set the rule that the syllable "ing" may appear only at the end of a word while another syllable may stand at the front or at all positions.
  • Determine Character-Position: You can also configure the counter to consider the character position when counting. So, it is possible to determine the frequency or number of occurrences of a letter or syllable at a specific position within a word.
  • Managing of Word and Syllable lists: The lists can be saved, deleted or opened.
  • Unicode Support: Of course, the Word Creator as well as the Counter are supporting Unicode-characters in all of their functions. This means that you are not limited to the ANSI characters, and you can also create and count words containing any Unicode or special character such as Greek or Cyrillic letters or, for example Chinese characters.
  • Freeware: This tool is completely free for you, you are able to use it unreserved and pass it on.
  • Windows, Mac OS X and Linux: Take the system of your choice. The WordCreator is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • No bad investment: You can download this Software for free and it nevertheless works absolutely and unlimitedly in the full performance range. In addition, you can pass the Software as often as you would like. You only pay for the Software if you want to pay something and even then you are able to pay as much as you want.
  • System Compatibility: It does not matter what system you are using. The WordCreator comes in versions for Windows, Linux and MacOS.
  • Portable Software (No installation required): The program works without installation. This spares your Registry and you can immediately use it.