Frequency Tables

In the WordCreator, also a Counter for letters and syllables is integrated. With this counter, you can create frequency profiles for letters, syllables, words or character combinations for arbitrary texts. Using this tool, it is not only possible to count Latin characters - you can even capture characters from other alphabets and symbols systems.

We have created some probability and frequency tables for different languages, which can be found here:

In addition, you can find some information about the used alphabet of the corresponding language on the pages of the character frequencies.

Basis of all frequency lists were texts of the corresponding language with a minimum of 1.5 million characters from various literature genres, to ensure best results. Nevertheless, with a variation of the source texts, the results can change a bit.

Of course, all of this lists are also integrated in the WordCreator and can directly loaded as a syllable list so that you are able to create new words out of them. You can find the lists in the menu "Syllable Lists".

Usage Note

The lists may only be used together with the publishing of the internet adress sttmedia.com and the prior consent of Stefan Trost (contact). If you need additional lists, for example in a different sorting or on the basis of another source, we can provide this list. Simply write to us. The price of this service depends on the effort required to create your desired list.