Here you can find the online help of the WordCreator. A complete list of all functions sorted according to their occurance in the software can be found under the topic functions. Help for older versions of the WordCreator, you can get here.


The WordCreator can be found on the tab "Creator" in the main window. Here you can read how to create your first words and you get an introduction to the most important functions. [more..]


With the Counter that can be found on the tab "Counter" in the main window, you can determine the number and frequencies of arbitrary characters, letters, syllables, whole words of character combinations from arbitrary text. In this section you get an introduction. [more..]


First you should download the program from the download page. The file is packed into a ZIP archive that you normally should be able to unpack with your computer. If you can not open the file, we recommend the free program 7-Zip which also can handle many other files. You can download this software from the page 7-zip.org for free.

After you have unpacked the program, you can already use it. An installation is not required. If you nevertheless would like to make a shortcut for the program, simply click with the right mouse button on the icon and choose "make shortcut". You can move this shortcut to an arbitrary place on your computer.


This application is offered in several languages. If the program is already supporting the language of your operating system, it will try to start with this language. You can also change and save your preferred language under "Settings > Language" every time during runtime.

An overview of all supported languages can be found on the download page. If your language is not already supported, you can gladly participate in the translation.