Old Help


This is the help page of the old WordCreator. You can still download this old version on the download page, but we recommend using the newest version of the program.

Here you can find the help page of the current version of the WordCreator.

Here you can find the online help for the functionality of the WordCreator. A complete list of all functions sorted according to their occurance in the software can be found under the topic functions. Within the program there is also a short quick guide.


This section is about the base of the WordCreator, the classic WordCreator in the main window. Here you can read how to create your first words and you get an introduction to the main options. [more..]


The TextCreator or the advanced settings allow to create full random documents. All the important information about this topic, you can read in this section. [more..]

Character Counter

The basis of the WordCreator are frequency lists of the used letters. The included Character Counter is able to extract frequency profiles from any ANSI text, which can be exported or used directly in the WordCreator [more..]

Syllable Counter for Di- and Trigramms

Similiar to the character counter works the Syllable Counter. With this tool, however, two-party or three-party syllables can be extracted from the ANSI source text. The operation is nearly identical, nevertheless there are some special features. [more..]

Syllable Counter for real Syllables

While the Syllable Counter for Di- and Trigraphs can only extract two party and three party syllables from a text, you can count usual syllables like se|pa|ra|tor with the Syllable Counter for real Syllables. Also Unicode is supported by this counter. [more..]

Unicode Counter

Both, the Character Counter and the Syllable Counter for Di- and Trigrammes only support ANSI text. With the Unicode Counter you can count characters and two or three party syllables for any texts containing Unicode characters. Of course, this counter also works well for pure ANSI text. [more..]