The EasyMusicPlayer

There are already thousands of free Audio Players available for download on the Internet. Why do we from Stefan Trost Media add another one? Because the conventional players are either to simple or to complicated! The designers have recently come up with hundreds of extra features, animated borders and styles. Other players come without these bells and whistles, but did not even have a playlist.

However, who fell by the wayside, was the elementary music enthusiast, who wants nothing more than just to manage his music collection and simply enjoy his music!

And for this, the STT Media Audio-Player is exactly the right choice. This player only comes with the most necessary functions, nevertheless there are all important features available making it easy to manage play lists and listening to music. This player shows it strengths in managing very large collections, fast access times and simple operations without losing functionality.

Beside the normal functions like playing music or viewing the artist or title, the Audio Player also comes with some other unusual features that can make your life easier. For example, it is possible to copy music from the playlist to the clipboard directly, to use drag and drop to drag songs from the playlist to a folder, you have extensive opportunities to search your collection and it is possible to export your own defined list of all of your music.

To access your titles in the best possible way, an ingenious search is integrated into the player. With this search function you can search your music collection even with regular expressions (RegEx), you can carry out inverse searches, you can specify which tag information should be searched and which not, you can define whether the search should care about lower and upper case writing, whether the search terms should be exactly and lots of other things. Of course, all of those settings are optional, so that you can carry out searches even if you do not have specified any of these rules.


Download the EasyMusicPlayer for free in the download area for Windows and learn in the first steps how you can benefit from this application. Additionally, we are collecting frequently asked question about the EasyMusicPlayer on the FAQ page for you. The EasyMusicPlayer is portable, you can use the program directly without an installation.


You want to first see what the EasyMusicPlayer looks like? On the screenshot page we have compiled some screenshots of the EasyMusicPlayer for you.