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Here you can find all frequently asked questions on the Easy MP3 Player. If you have got another question, which has not been answered yet, you are welcome to consult the support.

I would like to play also other files apart from MP3s. Does this go with the Easy MP3 player?

Yes. The Easy MP3 player can play all audio files if the corresponding codec is installed. Theoretically you can even listen to the soundtrack of the video with this program. The only restriction is that the player is not able to read the information about artist, title, album and so on from every file, since many files do not support the storage of this information at all.

If you need the codec for a certain file, you should look for the corresponding format in a search engine. There is also the possibility to download whole codec packages, with which you can install lots of codecs at one time. Which of these packages is the best, must be decided in the individual case for the respective applications. For example you can have a look at the page free-codecs.com, where you can find lots of these packages.

I get the following error when playing a MP3: DirectShow call failed: 8004011 ClassFactory cannot deliver the requested class.

This error appears with a faulty ID3-Tag (information about artist, title and so on in the MP3-file) of the MP3 in combination with wrong DirectX drivers. To solve this problem you should delete the whole ID3-Tag to write it completely new after that.

A recommendable tool for this process is the tool Mp3Tag by Florian Heidenreich which can be downloaded on the page mp3tag.de for free. In this tool you can load the corresponding file and remove all of the information of the ID3-Tag by clicking "Remove Tag" until you cannot see this information in the window any more. After that you can write the information again and this player should be able to play the file.

If you have to do this with lots of files and you do not want to type all of the information by hand, you can use the following trick: Use the function "Tag-File Name" with the command "%artist% - %album% - %track% - %year% - %title% - %genre%" before deleting the information, to save the information in the file name. After deleting the tag, you are able to bring the information back to the tag with the same command and the function "File Name - Tag" without having carried out any entry by hand.

Some files are indicated in the playlist with a duration different from the length during playing.

When adding the files to the playlist the program makes use of the following method: The duartion is calculated from the file size and the corresponding compression. In individual cases (particularly at compressions differing from the norm very much) this can lead to a faulty length. If the corresponding file is played, it is loaded completely and the right length can be displayed. If the exact length of the file were determined at the adding, adding would last unreasonably long.