Easy Music Player


  • Simple Operation: The operation of this program is intuitively. All important functions are already available in the main window. Nevertheless the are numerous additional functions which can be called and used depending on need.
  • Playlists: Your Music Collection can be organized by play lists. These can be adapted and saved at your own discretion. In addition, the player opens the playlist in the application folder automatically when starting the program. The Easy MP3 Player also can handle playlists with more than 100,000 files well and fast.
  • Search with Regular Expressions (RegEx): The Easy MP3 Player makes it possible to search your music collection with regular expressions. With this, you can create very specified and exactly matches, for example you can find all titles consisting of only one word or titles containing a special range of characters or words. The possibilities are boundless. Of course, it is also possible to use a normal search function. If you want to read a short introduction to regular expressions, you can read an overview on the page Regular Expressions.
  • Unicode Support: The player is fully compatible with Unicode. This means that in all tag information of the audio files Unicode characters can appear and the files, folders an the output list can contain Unicode, too. It is up to you whether you want to save the playlist or the music list as an ANSI text or in any Unicode format such as Unicode UTF-8, UTF-16 or another Unicode Transformation Format.
  • Helpful additional functions: The Easy MP3 Player comes to you with some helpful additional functions: For example you can show information about the current song, copy this song to clipboard, open the corresponding folder, show a list of all played songs, you can search in selected columns, change the language during running time and register or unregister playlist files (*.emp) from the program.
  • Drag and Drop: You want to move a song from your playlist to your portable MP3-player? Then, you can easily move your song using drag and drop from your playlist to your external player or to any other folder on your computer.
  • Explorer Context Menu: If you want, you can show the Easy MP3 Player in the context menu of files, so that you can simply access files via right click on files. It is possible to create such entries in the context menu of any files, arbitrary file types, folders and the "Send to" menu. More about this topic on the page shortcuts.
  • Add Songs Easily: You can drag songs simply from every folder of your computer to the playlist. You can even add entire folders in this way. Just drag the folder into the playlist.
  • Smart Folder Search: If you browse for files in folders, it is possible to add only new songs to the playlist, which has not been added yet. This makes it very easy for you to update your playlist. For example, if you have already loaded a large number of files and you add some new files to some folders, you can simply search the folders for new files without reloading the old ones.
  • Export as Text- or HTML-Table: If you would like to write a list of all of your music files, the Easy MP3 Player is the right choice. You can decide what information like artist, album, title, length or even the filepath should be used in the list and if you want to number your files. Furthermore, lots of additional functions like filter, replacing and advanced settings makes it easier to come to an optimal result
  • Advanced Search: While traditional media players usually only support a simple search, in the Easy MP3 Player there are a lot of opportunities: For example, you can freely choose which items (artist, title, length of song, album, track, year, genre or even the file) should be searched in. With which other player you can even search for songs of a certain length or saved in a specific directory? In addition, you can determine whether you want to look for the exact term and if you want to search case-insensitive or inverse. The inverse search displays all items, that does not comply with your term you are looking for. If you enter more than one word, you can choose between an AND-Search and an OR-Search, so there is the maximum potential for optimal search results.
  • Relative Paths: If you want, you can add songs with a relative path to the playlist. This allows you to use the same playlist in different folders or more than one computer (because external hard drives can change the drive letter when using them on another workstation) without updating the playlist.
  • Advanced Song Display: Depending on your needs, you can determine which information (such as artist, album or track) should be displayed when playing a song. Optionally, the song can be displayed in the header of the program, so that you can see the display in the taskbar, even if you have minimized the player.
  • Right mouse button on a song: If you use the right mouse button on a song in your playlist, you get the functionality immediately. For example, it is possible to copy the file to the clipboard, to open the corresponding file folder or to search for songs with the same artist, length, title, genre, album and so on.
  • No bad investment: You can download this Software for free and it nevertheless works absolutely and unlimitedly in the full performance range. In addition, you can pass the Software as often as you would like. You only pay for the Software if you want to pay something and even then you are able to pay as much as you want.
  • No installation (portable Software): The program works without installation. This spares your Registry and you can immediately use it. Nevertheless it is possible to register the file extension (*.emp) for playlists, to load all titles of the list with a single mouse click. Of course this registration is not required to run the program and can any time be undone out of the player.