Supported Formats

In the current version, the Image Converter supports the following formats in alphabetical order. Of course, this list can change from time to time, for example if new formats are added to the converter. The column "Read" means that the Image Converter is able to open and edit this formats. The column "Write" means that the converter is able to save and convert images to this formats.

If you want to register some of this file extensions with the Image Converter, you can do that in the menu "Settings > Shortcuts with Files and Folders".

Format   Name   Read   Write  
BMPWindows Bitmap yesyes
CURWindows Cursoryesyes
DDSDirectDraw Surfaceyesyes
DIPWindows Bitmapyesyes
GIFGraphics Interchange Formatyesyes
ICOWindows Iconyesyes
J2CJPEG 2000yesyes
J2KJPEG 2000yesyes
JFIFJPEG Imageyesyes
JIFJPEG Imageyesyes
JNGJPEG Network Graphicsyesyes
JP2JPEG 2000yesyes
JPCJPEG 2000yesyes
JPEJPEG Imageyesyes
JPEGJPEG Imageyesyes
JPGJPEG Imageyesyes
JPXJPEG 2000yesyes
MNGMultiple Network Graphicsyesyes
PAMPortable Arbitrary Mapyesyes
PBMPortable Bit Mapyesno
PCXZSoft Paintbrush Imagesyesno
PFMPortable Float Mapyesyes
PGMPortable Gray Mapyesyes
PNGPortable Network Graphicsyesyes
PPMPortable Pixel Mapyesyes
TGATruevision Targa Imageyesyes
TIFTagged Image File Formatyesyes
TIFFTagged Image File Formatyesyes
XPMX Window Pixmapyesno