Image Converter

Change Log

In this list, you can see the changes of the Image Converter over the time.

  • Improvement (2015/02/01): Improvements for multi screens.
  • Improvement (2014/07/13): Improvements for high resolution/high DPI screens.
  • New Function(2012/01/17): Die Funktion "Bilder aus Zwischenablage" im Bereich Dateien ermöglicht es, Bilder direkt aus der Zwischenablage zu empfangen und bearbeitet abzuspeichern.
  • Improvement of existing Functions (2012/01/16): Improvement of the opening and saving functions of the formats PNG, PSD; ICO and CUR. In addition, it is now possible to save PSD files with or without layers.
  • User Experience (2012/01/16): Improvement of the user experience, for example in the case of select boxes.
  • Improvement of existing Functions (2012/01/16): Improvement of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and fixes for Windows 7 and Vista.
  • Improvement of existing Functions (2011/07/13): The default configuration was changed, so that JPG files created with the Image Converter are much more compatible. Furthermore, a bug concerning the display of the file size in the image list was fixed.
  • New Function (2011/03/27): Now you can save and load the list of files currently loaded in the Image Converter. The function can be found in the main menu "File > Load or Save File List".
  • Improvement of existing Functions (2010/10/14): Improvement of the saving options. Now you can force to delete all files that have been processed after creating a new file so that only the new files will be left. You can find this function in the saving options. It is called "Delete Original Files".