XML Editing

The functions for processing XML files or texts with an XML structure can be found in the TextConverter in the area "Actions > XML" on the right side of the main window. With these functions it is possible to edit texts or text files as part of an XML structure. This means that, for example, you can edit the XML structure directly (for example with the actions for deleting or adding elements or attributes) or you can apply actions only in certain tag names, attribute names, attribute values or inner texts.

If you want to edit texts differently than within an XML structure, you can use the functions to process texts as a whole, to process lines or to process texts within a CSV structure.

Elements, Tag Names, Attribute Names, Attribute Values and Inner Texts

In the TextConverter and in this tutorial, the terms "element", "tag name", "attribute name", "attribute value" and "inner text" are used. So that there are no misunderstandings, we first look at what these terms are used for within the XML structure:

<TagName AttributeName="Attribute Value">Inner Text</TagName>

In this example, we have given each part of the XML structure the name that is used in the TextConverter and in this tutorial for this component. The term "element" is used in the sense of the entire line shown here. "Element" stands for everything that is located between the first < of the opening tag and the last > of the closing tag, including the characters < and >.

Actions for XML Processing

The following actions are available for XML editing in the current version of the TextConverter: