If you activate the funcion "Actions > Constants", the following constants respectively placeholders will be replaced by their corresponding text in all input fields or also in the entire file. All input fields means all input fields in the actions, in which text can be typed in, so the input fields to delete, replace and insert text as well as the fields for splitting or joining text files. All in all, there are 12 constants for your proposal at the moment, which refer to the current file and the position of the file in the list. With this function, it is possible, for example, to write the filepath, the filename or the creation date of a file in each file. If this function is not activated, the constants will not be deleted and they will be written in the text as they are. A deactivation of this function is useful, if you are working on a text which contains some of the constants in a different context.

You can use the following constants in the current version of the Text Converter: