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Text Converter Pro CSV

With the version Text Converter Pro CSV it is possible to edit CSV-files (comma separated values). The CSV Editing is integrated into the Text Converter, so that you can use this functionality with a great number of files and together with other functions from the normal Text Converter (delete lines, change format and so on).


Here is a rough overview over the CSV functionality of the Text Conveter CSV. A detailed explanation of how to use and apply the functions can be found in the function overview, where all Text Converter functions are explained. For all of this functions, you can specify the column in which the functions should be applied and in which not. In addition, you can apply serveral of these functions at the same time.

  • Search and Replace: You can search for a text in specified columns and replace this text with another one.
  • Insert Text: You can insert a text at the beginning, at the end or at an arbitrary position of a specified column.
  • Writing and Format: Changes the writing and format of colums (uppercase, lowercase, trim).
  • Calculations: Applies calculations to nummerical columns (add, subtract, multiply and divide).
  • Change Order of Colums: You can change the order of the columns of your CSV file in an arbitrary order.
  • Shortened Data Sets: You can rewrite shortened data sets to full ones, whilst the program fills empty fields with the values from the line before.

If you should have suggestions for more functions, please let us know.

Order Text Converter Pro CSV

The version Text Converter Pro CSV costs 49 USD (39 Euro) in the introduction phase. Information about how to order, you can see on our download page. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us. If you should already have orderd a normal Text Converter Pro licence, you can upgrade your licence, so that you only pay the difference.