Line Editing

Functions for processing text taking into account line numbers or other line characteristics can be found in the area "Actions > Lines" on the right side of the main window of the TextConverter. With these functions you can limit your actions only to certain lines (for example to replace a text in certain lines only) or you can work with the lines of a text or text file (for example you can delete, copy, move or add lines).

If you want to edit a text as a whole without taking its lines into account, you can use the functions from the category text editing. For the processing of CSV and XML files, the functions and options from the categories CSV editing and XML editing are available.

Line Break Type

What the TextConverter considers as a line during line processing, you can configure under "Actions > Files > Line Break Type".

By default - that is if you do not make any changes to the settings here - the TextConverter will try to automatically determine the type of line break of a file or a text and this type of line break will also be used again for storage. Typically, these are the characters CR LF in files that have been saved under Windows or the character LF in files that have been saved under macOS. This procedure corresponds to what is generally understood by "lines" and how lines are usually understood and presented in text editors.

Beyond that, you can also define your own types of line breaks in the TextConverter in order to read or save texts with these user-defined line breaks. In addition to the usual line break types of the different operating systems, you can use arbitrary characters, strings or codepoints as a line break, you can define lines via a fixed line length or you can also specify multiple characters, strings or code points, on which all independently of each other a break to the next line should take place. You can find the details about that in the description of the supported formats of the TextConverter in the section about line break types.

With these possibilities, the line actions can not only be used for the processing of classic lines, but also for any kind of task that presupposes to divide a text at characters or according to a certain number of characters into different parts in order to edit these parts independently of each other.

Line Actions

In the current version of the TextConverter, the following functions are available for processing lines: