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2009 - 2019
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You can get four versions of this software: TextConverter Basic, Pro, Pro CL and Pro CSV. The Basic Version is freeware and can be downloaded for free. Compared to the Pro Versions, the Basic Version has only few restrictions.

VersionInfo Price Link
Basic All important functions, few restrictions. Info FreewareDownload
Pro No restrictions, no CSV editing, no remote control. Info $33.90 (€24.90) Download
Pro CSV Additionally: Functions to edit CSV files column by column. Info $49.00 (€39.00) Download
CL Additionally: Functions to remote control the application. Info $125.00 (€99.00) Download

Please note our licence for this product before using the software.

Difference between the Versions

There are differences between the versions only in detail, for example regarding the number of files that can be worked on simultaneously. So, nearly all tasks can be done also by using the Basic version. A detailed overview over all differences between the versions, we have collected in this summary table.

How to get the Pro-Versions

You can pay the Pro versions of the Text Converter comfortably and safety by PayPal or bank transfer. If you pay by PayPal, after your payment, an automatic mail containing a link to the software and a code with which you can start the software will be sent to you. With a payment by bank transfer, it can last for some days until you receive the software, because of processing time. If you have any question, feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you.

All further information, you get on the Download Page.