Text Encoder


On this page, you can find an introduction to the program Text Encoder. We will show you the first steps from the installation of the program up to your first conversion of a text file.


The program Text Encoder is a portable software. This means: Copy the program file to an arbitrary directory on your computer, click on the file and the program opens and you can use the program. When using the program for the first time, you have to enter the activation code you got after your purchase.

First Steps

Following these steps, you can easily change the encoding of some text files:

  • Start the program
  • Drag the files you would like to change onto the program. The files will appear in the file list of the program
  • Chosse an encoding on the right and whether a Byte Order Mark should be written into the files
  • Click on "Encode"
  • You are done

Batch Version

With the Batch Version, you can control the Text Encoder via a batch script. [more..]