Main Window

On this page you will find an overview of all parts and functions of the main window of the FileRenamer with a description of the respective function. An explanation of the functions of other program parts of the FileRenamer can be found in the function overview.

On the left side of the main window, there is a list of all files and folders currently loaded. When the renaming is started, these are the files and folders that will be renamed. On the right side, you can see options and settings for the modifcation and on the bottom right, you can see the button "Apply Changes" with which you can start renaming the loaded files.


Changes of File Names and File Extension

In the areas "Changes > Name" and "Changes > Extension" you can find the actions and rules that are applied in the name and/or the extension of the file or the folder when renaming.

You can activate a group of functions with the checkbox in front of the group title and with clicking on "Options" you can show and hide the group. With a click with the right mouse button on the title of one of these sections, all actions of the respective section can be activated or deactivated.

There are similar options and functions available for the file name and the file extension, that can be defined and applied independent from each other. Therefore, in the following, the options are explained in common. If you have specified in the settings, that the name should be edited as a whole, or if you only want to rename folders, the options for the file extension will not be shown.

Changes of File Attributes

In the are "Changes > Attributes", various functions are available to change the attributes of files. With a click with the right mouse button on the title of this section, all actions of this section can be activated or deactivated.

Apply Changes

With a click on the button "Apply Changes", you start changing the files and folders currently added to the list. All renaming and attribute changing options currently activated will be applied. You can find a preview of the new name in the column "Preview" of the file list. After renaming, the file path within the list will be adjusted using the new name so that the files can also be found after renaming, for example to rename them again in another way.