Slippy Clerk


The main program of the Slippy Clerk is divided into three areas. In the upper area, there is the Standard Mode and the Advanced Mode, both modes are explained below. A big difference between the two modes is that in Standard Mode, only simple lines can be written, while in Advanced Mode it is possible to combine several different text and numerical elements in one row. In the bottom, there is the output of the Standard or the Advanced Mode which appear after clicking on "Write". With the button "Clipboard" behind the output, you can copy the entire results to the clipboard, to use them in another application, with "Clear Output", you can delete the contents of the output to make some other rows. You can switch between Standard Mode and Advanced mode by clicking on the appropriate heading above the upper box.

Standard Mode

In Standard Mode, you can create simple effects such as "1, 2, 3" and so on. You can define what is to appear before and after a number, the distance between the numbers and from where to where the series of numbers should go.

  • Text before: In this box the text is inserted that will later be written before each number. It is also possible to use constants, such as <blank> and you can use any Unicode character.
  • Number: Here you indicate from where to where the series of numbers that you want to write should go. With this setting, you also specify how many times your string will be written. In the box "Distance" you can enter, how the numbers should be counted. A distance of 1 produces a row like 1-2-3, a distance of two means 2-4-6. If your first number is greater than your second one, you can ensure that it is counted backwards.
  • Text after: In this box, you specify which text element should stand behind the nummerical element. The same rules apply as in the text to stand before the number.
  • Preview: Immediately after applying settings, in this line a preview is offered, so that you can see, how your row will look like after the processing.
  • Write: Click on this button to write your lines in the output box according to your settings. It is possible to write the output side by side as well as writing the elements among each other. You can choose this in the little box next to the "Write" button.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode, everything happens a little more freely than in Standard Mode. Within a row, for example, both descending and ascending elements can appear simultaneously. Also text and number elements can alternated. Therefore, the approach is somewhat different in this mode. Here you can define text elements and number elements and then, the elements can be added subsequently to your line.

  • Row: Here you can define series of numbers. You specify the initial value, from where the rows should run and you specify in what distance the numbers should be counted. It is possible to choose both positive and negative values as distance. Depending on what is selected, either it is counted up or down with the given distance. If your series is defined, you can also click the "Add" button and the item appears in the list of elements.
  • Elements: That is a list of all added text or numeric elements. This box appears only after the first elements were added. In the box, individual elements can be selected and deleted afterwards. With "Delete All" all the elements in the box will be deleted. The elements will be written to the output in the order of the elements in the elements box.
  • Preview: Even in Advanced Mode, there is a preview, in which all of the respective elements are listed so that you can see how your output will look like directly.
  • Write: Also the "Write" button exists in the Advanced Mode and the output can be carried out side by side or among each other. The difference is, that you have to define how many times the lines should be repeated. For example, if you type in "10 Times", your elements will be written ten times to the output.


  • Tool > Standard: Changes the Slippy Clerk to Standard Mode. This mode is explained here.
  • Tool > Advanced: Changes the Slippy Clerk to the Advanced Mode. An explanation can be found here.
  • Tool > Close: Exits the program Slippy Clerk.
  • Functions > Write: Writes the output of the Standard or the Advanced Mode to the output accoring to your preferences. It happens the same as if you click on "Write" in the main window.
  • Functions > Copy to clipboard: Copies the current content of the output to the clipboard, so that the text can be reused in another application.
  • Functions > Clear Output: Deletes everything that is currently in the output. This makes it possible to create space for new texts.
  • Functions > Language: Changes the language of the Slippy Clerk.
  • Other Software: Here you get some recommendations for other software that you might be interested in. One click will bring you to the relevant website where you can download the free software.
  • Help and Info: Here you get some information on the Slippy Clerk, license and other important things.