Slippy Clerk


Here you can read the full online help for the Slippy Clerk. Included in the program, there is a short introduction.


First you should download the program from the download page. The file is packed into a ZIP archive that you normally should be able to unpack with your computer. If you can not open the file, we recommend the free program 7-Zip which also can handle many other files. You can download this software from the page for free.

After you have unpacked the program, you can already use it. An installation is not required. If you nevertheless would like to make a shortcut for the program, simply click with the right mouse button on the icon and choose "make shortcut". You can move this shortcut to an arbitrary place on your computer.

The software is offered in the languages English and German. You receive the respective version on the pages (German) and (English). However, every single version can be switched over about the menu bar in the respectively other language during the running time and in addition, it is possible to start an arbitrary version in English or in German if there is a file named "de" or "en" (without any ending or contents) in the application folder.

Your first row

Simply start the SlippyClerk and click on the button "Write" on the bottom of the upper box. The row 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 6 7 8 9,10 already appears in the lower box with the name "Output". This row is predefined and for example you can copy this row to Clipboard by the button below the Output.

Modifying the row

This row is surely already quite beautiful but perhaps you want to write also other rows. Simply switch over in the upper box once a bit. You can for example change the text before and behind the numbers. At our row there was no text before the number but a comma and a blank after the number. Write simply arbitrary texts or blanks into the small boxes to afterwards distribute them together with the number. In addition, you can vary the end-point as well as the start point and the distance between the numbers and you can also let the Output write besides each other or under each other. Simply try with the individual possibilities around a bit, nothing can go wrong and in the preview you always see the current result.

Advanced Mode

All these attitudes were attitudes in the Standard mode. You also can reach the Advanced mode over the menu bar or the button over the box. Everything runs according to another principle here. You can define either texts or rows in a certain distance and start-point and add them by clicking "Add". You see the individual elements of your defined row which appears as soon as you have added first elements either in the preview or in the "Elements". It is also possible here to remove single elements from the list again. As soon as you have adjusted everything, you simply can click on "Write" as usual. How often a row is written in the Advanced Mode is fdixed by the number you can adjust in front of the "Write" button.

An Example

Adjust a row from "30" with a distace of "-2". Then click on "Add" and add analogously to this the text ";<blank>". After that you can adjust "15" times "among each other" and click on "Write". You already see your row in the Output!