Slippy Clerk


  • Simple operation: With only one mouse click, you can write your first rows. Nevertheless there are many other self explaining justifications available.
  • Standard and Advanced mode: Which mode is of advantage depends on your tasks you would like to finish.
  • Unicode support: There is a full Unicode support of all functions in the Slippy Clerk. Thus, you can use any Unicode character such as Chinese characters, Cyrillic and Greek letters and anything else in your ranks and copy them to the clipboard.
  • What ever you want to have: Definitions according to distance, number of rows, more than one row in a line, text before, between or after rows, you have numerous possibilities.
  • Helpful additional functions: The SlippyClerk comes to you with some helpful additional functions: For example you are able to copy all you have written with one click to the clipboard and its your choice to write the text next or under each other. Moreover, the preview function already shows your result before you must switch on the SlippyClerk at all.
  • Freeware: This tool is completely free for you, you are able to use it unreserved and pass it on.
  • No installation (portable Software): The program works without installation. This spares your Registry and you can immediately use it.