Slippy Clerk


  • Simple operation: With only one mouse click, you can write your first sequences. Nevertheless there are many other self explaining justifications available.
  • Standard and Advanced mode: Which mode is of advantage depends on your tasks you would like to finish.
  • Modes: Depending on which tasks you want to do and which type of series you want to write, one of the modes number sequences, letter sequences or multiple sequences is suitable for you.
  • Number Sequences: Create an ascending or descending number series with any distance and any text before or after the number. The number can be filled with any character to a certain length and you decide for yourself whether and how many decimal places the number should have.
  • Letter Sequences: Also ascending or descending sequences of letters can be created with the SlippyClerk. Again, the distance, padding or text combined with the letters can be freely selected.
  • Multi-Sequences: You have the greatest freedom when creating multiple sequences. Here you can combine any number of text, number sequences and letter sequences with each other.
  • Definition of Distances: In addition to integers such as 1 or 2 (for series such as 1, 2, 3; 1, 3, 5; A, B, C or A, C, E), you can also use any decimal number, such as 1.5 or fractions like 1/3 as the distance between each element of your row.
  • Placeholders: In the text boxes you can use the placeholders <space>, <linebreak> or <tab> as often as you like and combine them with your own free text. So you will be maximally flexible in your output.
  • Unicode support: All functions in the Slippy Clerk are supporting Unicode. Thus, you can use any Unicode character such as special characters, Chinese characters, Cyrillic and Greek letters and anything else in your sequences and copy them to the clipboard or save them in an arbitary text encoding.
  • Preview: In any mode, with changing the settings, the preview function will show you how your series will be constructed later. So you can estimate the result directly and without loss of time.
  • Helpful additional functions: The SlippyClerk comes to you with a few helpful additional functions: For example, you can copy or save everything you have written to the clipboard with just one click.
  • Freeware: This tool is completely free for you, you are able to use it unreserved and you are also allowed to pass it on.
  • System Compatibility: It does not matter what system you are using. The SlippyClerk comes in versions for Windows, Linux and MacOS.
  • No Installation (portable Software): The program works without installation. This spares your Registry and you can immediately use it.