Slippy Clerk

Change Log

  • Export Directory (2018/12/10): Storage of the last export directory.
  • New Language (2018/06/18): Italiano (Italian).
  • New Operating System (2018/02/13): Release of the MacOS version.
  • New Operating System (2018/02/13): Release of the Linux version as Debian package, RPM package and binary.
  • Disabled Preview (2018/02/13): A new option in the settings can turn off the automatic preview.
  • Saving of window position and window size (2018/02/10): Position and size of the program window can now be saved in the startup settings and setting profiles.
  • Variable Increment Values ​​(2018/02/02): Until now, the value used for the upcount could only be specified as an integer, now also comma values ​​like 1.5 or 7.25 as well as fractions like 1/2 or 1/3 are possible. These can also be used for letter sequences where 1/2 would produce a letter sequence such as A, A, B, B, C, C and so on.
  • Decimal Places (2018/01/15): The number of decimal places can now be defined for all number sequences.
  • Save Button (2018/01/13): With the new Save Button at the bottom of the program window, it is now also possible to save the result in the output as a text file, in addition to adding it to the clipboard. The encoding of the files can be specified in the settings.
  • Replacement Button for Multi-Sequences (2018/01/09): In order to be able to better edit the elements for multiple sequences, a replace button has been added next to the Add button, with which you can exchange the selected element.
  • Letter Sequences (2018/01/05): In addition to the number sequences, letter sequences (A, B, C, ...) are now also possible.
  • Placeholders for Line Breaks and Tabs (2017/08/15): The placeholders <linebreak> and <tab> can now be used in all text fieldsfor writing a line break or a tab.
  • Automatic Number of Leading Zeros (2017/08/15): With the placeholder <auto>, the required number of leading zeros can now be generated automatically based on the expected length of the number.
  • Custom Fill Character (2017/08/10): The characters used for padding can now be customized.
  • Auto-Delete (2017/08/10): Whether the previous result should be deleted before writing a new result or not can now be determined in the settings.