Language Settings

SlippyClerk has been translated into 14 languages so far. Support for other languages is planned. On this page you will learn how to configure the language of SlippyClerk and which languages are currently available.

Language Used

SlippyClerk is offered in several languages. If the program is already supporting the language of your operating system, it will try to start with this language automatically.

Change Language

You can change your language of SlippyClerk in the menu "Settings > Language Settings" every time during runtime of the software.

In this menu you will also find the button "Save Language". With this button you can permanently save your selection, so that SlippyClerk will start with your chosen language at the next start.

Supported Languages

So far, SlippyClerk has been translated into the following 14 languages:

Translation into other languages

If your preferred language is not already supported, you can gladly participate in the translation. You will find all information about that in our translation portal.