Old Function Overview


This page shows the description of the functions of an old version of SlippyClerk.

You can find the function descriptions of the current version here.

The main program of the Slippy Clerk is divided into three areas. In the upper area, there is the Standard Mode and the Advanced Mode, both modes are explained below. A big difference between the two modes is that in Standard Mode, only simple lines can be written, while in Advanced Mode it is possible to combine several different text and numerical elements in one row. In the bottom, there is the output of the Standard or the Advanced Mode which appear after clicking on "Write". With the button "Clipboard" behind the output, you can copy the entire results to the clipboard, to use them in another application, with "Clear Output", you can delete the contents of the output to make some other rows. You can switch between Standard Mode and Advanced mode by clicking on the appropriate heading above the upper box.

Standard Mode

In Standard Mode, you can create simple effects such as "1, 2, 3" and so on. You can define what is to appear before and after a number, the distance between the numbers and from where to where the series of numbers should go.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode, everything happens a little more freely than in Standard Mode. Within a row, for example, both descending and ascending elements can appear simultaneously. Also text and number elements can alternated. Therefore, the approach is somewhat different in this mode. Here you can define text elements and number elements and then, the elements can be added subsequently to your line.