Print My Fonts


Perhaps you know it: With time, unbelievably numbers of fonts are collected on your computer and you are just looking for exactly the right one for your next invitation card in the gigantic assortment! Again and again you try out the one or other type, however, the software you use do not give a good survey of them. Either you have to select them circumstantially to have a look at them or the dialog is much too small and you do not have any possibility to compare some of them.

To get an overview over all of these fonts, you can use the tool PrintMyFonts by Stefan Trost Media. With this tool, it is possible to list all of your installed fonts as well as arbitrary fonts from your hard drive or disk. You can type in any sentences or single characters, which then will be displayed in the different fonts, so that you are able to compare these fonts. The font list can be displayed on your screen or you can save the list as PDF, Microsoft Word® document (DOC or DOCX) or image file in the formats BMP, JPG or GIF. The best output format depends on your purpose. For example, an image output can be used to show a font list on your homepage.

Of course it is completely in your hand what fonts are printed and which sentences or letters are used. For example you can print all your fonts or only a few for your next document chosen with the preview. Then you have possibilities for direct comparison without notiseable additional expenses.

You are also able to print an example and the name of all your fonts from your computer to have a font survey for your next document on the paper.

Of course, you can use any Unicode character in your output that you want to view in the fonts. Thus, the tool can also be used for checking whether some characters are available in a font or not and to show how these characters look like. This is important, because not every font contains all available Unicode character (see this page).

A list of all supported font file formats, can be found on the page formats.

German Version

The German Version of this tool can be found under the name Schriftdrucker on