At the moment we are offering all the products, which can be seen on this page. Every program can be downloaded, used and passed on for free. Nevertheless, we ask you for your donation to be able to expand and finance this supply in the future, too.

Image Converter

Whenever you would like to change a variety of pictures without a difficult graphics program, the Image Converter comes to its use. With only one click you can change the size of pictures, cut pictures to size, add watermarks, write text on images, change the colour values, convert pictures into another fileformat and much more.
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Index Author

It does not matter whether you need an index for a book with page numbers or an interlinked HTML document for your homepage, where visitors are able to search for keywords. In every case the Index Author, coming to you with many further functions, is the right choice.
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Text Converter

With the Text Converter, you can change many Text Files at once: Replacing of text or lines, working with regular expressions (RegEx) on text files, deleting of text or lines, inserting of text at special locations, changing the notation, splitting or joining files, HTML options, Unicode conversions and lots of other things are possible. The output can be carried out as text, image or HTML document.
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Clipboard Saver

With this tool you can save and change your clipboard contents automatically. For example it is possible to search and replace clipboard texts, add strings before or after texts, resize images in the clipboard or save texts or images from the clipboard to a file automatically. In addition, you can use this tool as clipboard manager to access old clipboard contents.
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With the WordCreator, you can create random words or whole texts from a repertoire of letters, syllables, single words or sentence fragments which can in addition be weighted by probabilities. In addition, many additional functions, such as counting of characters, di- and trigrams or real syllables, are integrated.
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Filelist Creator

The Filelist Creator prepares lists of your files or directories for you with only one click. Despite the simplicity, it is possible to adjust freely, which information about the files should be written to the table, whether the table shall be issued as text, image or HTML document and much more.
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Text Images

On websites or other areas, where it is not guaranteed that your desired font is available, it makes sense to embed texts as images. Our tool Text Images facilitates the task to export text as an image and makes it possible to create text images in arbitrary formats and formatings quickly and easily. So, you can guarantee, that your website or publication will be displayed on all systems in the way you want.
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Unit Converter

With the help of the Unit Converter, you can convert over 4500 units from 33 categories and it is also possible to create custom units and categories to work with them. Lots of settings and tools help you to use this application optimally integrated into your workflow.
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Image Resizer

With the Image Resizer it is easily and quickly possible to enlarge or shrink a great number of images simultaneously. You can resize or stretch to an arbitrary pixel size, percentage or to your desired file size.
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You cannot get rid of this game? Then you should download this program to try a Sudoku game with letters or symbols. Of course the classic 9x9 game with numbers can also be played with this tool.
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The pipette is an interesting tool in dealing with colors. You are able to pick up colors from your screen to adapt or change them or you can convert them to other color models. You are also able to learn some interesting things about the topic with our color lexicon, color charts and the other explanations.
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File Renamer

If you want to rename numbers of files or folders, you can use this tool. It is possible to search and replace in file and folder names, you can number files and folders or you can use masks for the name, for example to add some characters to the old name.
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Your next examination can come! The AnswerCoach questions patiently as long as you know everything! In addition this software offers some other functions, for example integrated statistics, the possibility to manage the questions or a tool to produce question lists.
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Easy MP3 Player

This MP3 Player dispense with all, which is not necessary, without surrendering comfortable functions. With this combination the Easy MP3 Player achieves a maximum of performance and is able to handle also large collections without any restrictions. Even searching with regular expressions (RegEx) in your collection of music is no problem for this tool.
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Print My Fonts

Many fonts on the computer yield to a great confusion. You are able to win your overview back! This special tool helps you with that and can display and work with both, installed fonts and uninstalled fonts from files.
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Slippy Clerk

The Slippy Clerk makes it possible to work fast, productively and precisely. Start in a new dimension of writing certainly today.
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Software in Development: Screen Video Capture / Statistics / WebSaver
Integrated Tools: File Renamer / Character Counter / Syllable Counter / Textcreator


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