File Renamer


Renaming files or folders can be very cumbersome, especially if you want to rename a high number of files. But it is not necessary to click on every single file individually, make some changes to take the same procedure at the next file! The reason is, you have the file renamer!

This tool is exactly specialized in this task. All the files or directories to be edited can easily be added to the input list, the changes have to be set only for one time and after that, all the changes can be made with just one click! It is possible to search for keywords in filenames and replace them, it is possible to attach the old name with a prefix or something, or you can give your files numbers. For example, all files can be sequentially numbered from any number.

It is important that this tool only rename files and folders, but changes nothing at the file except of the name. Even the overwriting of a file is prevented, because the name is only be changed if there is no other file with the same name in the corresponding folder.

Of course, the File Renamer is fully compatible with Unicode. This means that both files and folders can contain any Unicode character and you can replace or insert Unidoce in the file names.

German Version

For the German description of this tool, see the page