Character Frequencies

Using the Character Counter, it is possible to create frequency tables for letters of different texts. The Character Counter is able to process arbitrary symbol systems, alphabets and Unicode-texts. For some languages, we have created frequency profiles on the basis of texts in the languages with at least 1.5 million characters. The texts consists of different literature genres to provide the best results. Nevertheless, of course, the results would be slightly different, if other texts would be used. Of course, these profiles are available in the WordCreator, too. You can find the lists in the menu under "Syllable Lists".

Frequency Profiles and some information about the Alphabets of the following languages based on the Latin alphabet are currently available:

Profiles of the following languages based on other alphabets are currently available. In addition, the pronunciation and characteristics of the corresponding alphabets is introduced.

If you want to transform texts from one writing system to another writing system (for example Greek letters to Latin letters), you can use the Text Converter for this task. A description of the procedure and further information, you get on the page Transcriptions.

Usage Note

The list may only be used together with the publishing of the internet adress stefantrost.de and the prior consent of Stefan Trost (contact). If you need additional lists, for example in a different sorting or on the basis of another source, we can provide this list for only five euros. Simply write to us.

More information about the usage of letters and their codes, you can get on the internet page eki.ee.